“Your most important work is always ahead of you,
not behind you.”
–Stephen Covey

Are you currently facing a big life event or change?
Are you experiencing feelings of anxiety and uncertainty that are making it an especially challenging shift?

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a stressed-out business owner, or making a big decision that will change your life,
I am here to support you so you can gain clarity and peace of mind.

Together, we’ll put together a master plan so that you can move through this phase of your life with confidence and ease.


Facing life’s tough moments? Tackle them with a newfound perspective and make sustainable changes in your actions and your results. 

3-month commitment, option to extend

We’ll figure out who and what you really want to be, what you stand for, and what you dream of for your future. Clarify and mold the thoughts, words, and actions that will make your life a joy-filled adventure. Turn challenges into learned strengths and make conscious choices that will empower you for a lifetime.

During each of your 3 personal coaching calls per month, you can expect this Experience to help you:

  • Clarify your values, wants, and needs, and reveal what’s working and not working
  • Understand your strengths, “Achilles heels”, and communication dynamics
  • Set goals and a step-by-step plan to reach your dreams
  • Gain skills in stress and change management
  • Bring positivity and fun into your daily life
  • Assess your progress at each step of the way, and celebrate your wins
  • Create personalized new perspectives, practices, and strategies that will last a lifetime
  • Provide accountability for your actions and reinforce follow-through
  • 3 personal coaching calls per month

Your investment is $825 for this all-inclusive 3-month Transformation Experience.


4-session minimum

Instead of anxiety and drama, become proactive and have fun while creating a great foundation for your relationship to thrive on your wedding day and beyond. See how great you’ll feel to have a neutral and experienced guide in your corner!

Whether you need help with wedding planning and execution, stress reduction, a better understanding of your partner, conflict resolution and negotiation skills, or to nurture changing relationships with family and friends, you have 3 packages and add-ons to fit your needs and budget.

Your investment for Taking the Next Step: Marriage + Relationship Coaching starts at $400,
depending on package and add-ons chosen.


Possible topics we may cover:

  • Wedding plans: Identify your “must haves” and discuss the challenges you face, which may include budget, guest list, wedding party, vendors, and executing the right plan.
  • Family/friends dynamics: Find strategies and conversation starters to assert your needs and create a harmonious team that will be there for you for years to come, especially when multiple expectations, traditions, and values come to the forefront.  
  • Personality styles: Embark on the Peoplemap™ System to see where you, your future spouse, and your extended families are similar and different, and learn how to accept each other and speak each other’s language in order to grow and communicate better through this exciting journey together.
  • Build a lasting relationship:  Focusing on strategies to have a positive and happy marriage over the long haul, we’ll lay the foundation for open conversation and the deepest levels of understanding. We can cover it all – from core values of your marriage and the how-to’s of managing conflicts, to exploring the 8 positive antidotes that wipe out toxic emotional behaviors in any relationship.
  • Ways to manage and prevent stress: Find personalized ways to maintain your energy, your sanity, and your feeling of control over the duration of your wedding planning and beyond.

An additional resource: The Marriage Team Group Call

One 90-minute facilitated conference call for the entire wedding party, family, or other group

This is a great way to create a team feeling for the wedding party, for parents and the couple getting married, friends, or for any purpose within the wedding planning process


Embark on your new role with confidence, ease, and excitement.

4-month minimum commitment, option to extend

College student, new career, marriage, parenting, divorce, empty nest, retirement, caregiver…the list goes on!

No matter your new role, all require new choices, new perspectives, and new steps to reach your goals with ease and joy. Get beyond the anxiety and confusion you’re facing, and step into your new role with confidence and clarity.

Here’s what you can expect from The New Life, New You Journey:

  • Initial 90-minute Discovery Session to lay the foundation   
  • 2 sessions per month, approximately one hour in length
  • Clarify your values, wants, needs, goals and dreams
  • Explore what’s shifting and changing in your relationship systems and in your life
  • Identify what you want to be doing and feeling 6 to 12 months from now
  • Hone in on the new responsibilities that come with your role and how you might want to address, fulfill, or modify any expectations
  • Celebrate wins and bring positivity and fun into your daily life
  • Assess your progress, clarify steps, reinforce progress
  • Deepen your accountability to address life issues
  • Create personalized new perspectives, practices, and strategies that will last a lifetime

Your investment is $950 for this all-inclusive 4-month New Life, New You Journey.


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