If you are in the S.T.O.P. Syndrome, you are likely to be in a reactive mode... your actions reflecting Fight, Flight, or Freeze... The right choice is to be proactive. Find out what NEW steps you can take that will make all the difference in the world. Feel empowered and in control of your life again!
— Break Free From the S.T.O.P. Syndrome by Monica Leggett





I'm excited to announce my first solo book... "Break Free From the S.T.O.P. Syndrome: Real Strategies to Overcome Stress, Tension, Overwhelm and Procrastination".  This book is a glimpse into the way I have learned to deal with all kinds of stress in my life, and the way I coach my clients through the issue.  If you waste even the littlest bit of time feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or procrastinating, I think this book will have a lot of answers for you.

Click on the picture of the book cover to link right to Amazon.

Be sure to download the kindle version soon at the introductory price.  You don't need to own a kindle to download a digital version to your computer.

If you email me I will send you a digital version of the many questions I ask throughout the book, so that you can write out your answers. CoachMonicaLeggett@gmail.com with 'Stress Questions' in the subject line.

Enjoy finding your Stress Free Life!