Four 90-minute group conference calls over 6 weeks (totaling 6 hours)

This program is for the individual who wants to take his or her idea, goal, or plan from a simple vision into action and results. Mindful choices will keep you on the path rather than letting your dreams get derailed.

In the first two sessions, we’ll cover comprehensive goal development and a personalized strategic plan. The second two sessions will focus on implementation and addressing progress. 

Your investment is $150 for the entire Strategic Planning Bootcamp experience.
 Note: this workshop can be followed up with the Mastermind Circle.

Gain in-depth understanding of the types of people you live and work with – including yourself. And apply this knowledge to personal and professional goals such as stronger business or family relationships.

One-day workshop, can be split into 2 partial days totaling 6 hours

The Peoplemap™ System is ideal for developing peak performance, building effective teams, and strengthening communication and leadership skills.

How? Your “Peoplemap” helps identify your personality type – strengths, Achilles heels, motivators, and how to maximize your achievement of personal and professional goals. Learn the secrets of the Peoplemap™ System on this page.

Most importantly, by learning all 4 primary and 6 combination types you can understand what makes others tick and how best to “speak their language” to improve interpersonal relationships, team effectiveness, and business building. 

This Basic Training workshop includes 6 modules; additional modules and materials can cover Conflict Resolution and Leadership Development. For more intimate relationships, the Couple Mapping program can be added as well.

Your Peoplemap™ Training investment:
Basic Peoplemap™ Training for the individual, couple or family begins at $100 per person.
For a team setting, fees begins at $500 for a 3-hour program, and depends on the size of your group, the length of the program,
materials chosen, and the additional services included such as personalized reports and follow-up coaching.

Group Teleclass or in-person, 90 minutes

Every human relationship has the potential for good and bad interactions.  If you want to keep the ratio more positive than negative (who wouldn’t), and learn to keep emotional reactivity out of the relationship, you will benefit from this introductory workshop.

We’ll indentify the 8 core toxins that weaken relationships and the 8 antidotes that will help you address or prevent toxins from hijacking your relationships.  Great for personal or business, this tool will change the way you see yourself and those around you, giving you confidence to self-manage in any situations - especially the stressful ones!

Your investment is $30 per Positive Intentions teleclass, including all handouts.


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