Forgiveness And Apologies

Note: A favorite blog from 2010.  Enjoy!

“We must forgive those we feel have wronged us, not because they deserve to be forgiven, but because we love ourselves so much we don’t want to keep paying for the injustice.”
- The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

Forgiveness is a gift to yourself and to the person you are forgiving. If you hold on to a grudge it will eat away at you and your other relationships. Many a family, friendship, and work setting has been torn apart by a grudge. I know from direct experience. 

If someone offends you in some way, I'd like you to keep a few things in mind:

  • They may not have intended to hurt you.
  • There might be information you are not aware of.
  • If their offense is connected to a personality trait, (she's always so nosey), it may actually be your interpretation of that trait. Maybe she is just curious, or socially awkward, or trying to fit in.
  • You can't change another person; you can only change what you think and what you do about it.

Apologies and forgiveness, they go hand in hand. As someone who has a hard time with apologies, I will admit I had a hard time forgiving as well. Now I try to offer them up as instantly as I perceive they are needed. We are all human and humans make mistakes. To believe otherwise is foolishness.

So go out there and make amends wherever it is needed. Everyone deserves a second chance. You will feel better, and so will they! That's what peace of mind is all about – to know that you have done everything possible for yourself and others.

Let go of that grudge!